Education + School Meals = Zero Hunger

Oct 17
Hosted by:World Food Program USA
October 17, 2014 at 8:00pm to

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More than 66 million children around the world will go back to school on an empty stomach. Without the right nutrition, children can’t learn, they can’t focus and they can’t grow into strong, healthy adults. At World Food Program USA we know that future greatness is all around us. And the key to unlocking that greatness is a good education.

School meals can be life-changing for the world’s poorest children. A meal gives families who may not have enough food a good reason to send their children to school, particularly girls who often receive no education. School meals provide children the chance to learn and the fuel they need to focus, and they help kids receive an important key to a better future — an education.

It’s a simple equation: Education + School Meals = Zero Hunger.

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) is one of the world’s largest provider of school meals. Last year alone, WFP fed more than 18 million children in over 60 countries last year alone. 

Help WFP reach more children around the world with a daily school meal. Just $50 can provide a child with school meals for an entire year.

We believe that no child should go to school hungry and every child should have the opportunity to learn. 

You can learn more about WFP's School Meals at:

Please fundraise or donate to school meals today. Together, we can solve hunger.